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さいとうなり / さいとうなる

さいとうなり / さいとうなる

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My coordination in these days~

I tried to coordinate a 大正ロマン(Taisyou Romance) style in the home wiht my own yukata like pic2, and bright my accessories to to Japan to have a Kimono dressed on program in a kimono shop. Unexpectedly, I chose a yukata in lighter color than planed, but the effect is still nice! So professional the owner of the kimono shop is! She can make the 帯(the waistband of the kimono) in fantastic styles, and she also can set many hair styles. The owner made me in a kawaii style like pic1. ^w^ So happy the trip was! I will upload more pictures in the future~

Following all parasols from:BSSB
1,detachable collar&sleeves, hair accessory, bag:IW / boots:Axes
2,detachable collar&sleeves, bag:IW / hair accessory:Axes /  boots:Axes
3,All from IW
4,shopping bag:RS / the rest:IW
5,hat: RS / the rest:IW
6,socks: tutuanna  / the rest:IW
7,hat&shoes: Axes / handbag: off-brand / the rest:IW
8,hat: Chihiro / the rest:IW
9,OP&bag:IW / boots:Axes
10,hat:IW / blouse&sleeves:RS / pants: A&P

p.s. welcome to my sina weibo if you have register one! :D

My ID is 米肉miro

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